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Blueberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

OKAY YOU GOTTA MAKE THIS. Now that i got your attention, welcome back to another blog post!! I am so happy and blessed that you are here with me again, this one is for the breakfast lovers, the savoury food lovers and lets be honest..who doesn't love hot blueberries in the morning? This recipe is not gluten free BUT you can absolutely make it that way if thats your preference! Now..without further a due - lets get into how to make these! Ingredients: I used a pre mixed pancake mix! Whichever one you use just follow how much powder to add. All the other measurements will depend on how much pancake mix you use. - 1 egg (i don't eat eggs anymore so you can substitute apple sauce if you are the same way) - vanilla almond milk - 2 scoops vanilla protein powder - 1 scoop fiber boost Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour onto a frying pan greased with coconut oil, add your desired amount of chocolate chips (i used dark) on top, flip when golden brown! As the pancake is cooking, put some blueberries on the stove top until they become runny and DELICIOUS. Plate your pancakes and pour the blueberries on top, add your maple syrup or honey and voila, you have the most savoury dessert for breakfast.

Beautiful and delicious <3

Thank you so much for reading another blog post !! I hope next time you're craving pancakes, you make this! Don't forget to tag me on instagram so i can repost your creations @alyssanaylor . Have a beautiful day Xx Alyssa

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