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Eat Well, Travel Often: Lessons To Live By

Who loves travelling as much as i do!? HANDS UP! Listen up guys, i know it can be hard to maintain a "healthy" lifestyle when you are travelling, so i want to give you some tips that have really helped me! These quick and simple hacks have made travelling easier, made me feel less of that yuck feeling while travelling while also allowing me to live that 80/20 lifestyle that i swear by! HEALTHY CHOICES WHILE TRAVELLING: 1) Steer away from that deep fried, packaged yuck! I know when you're on the go you want quick, grab and go food. But if you can stop somewhere where there is deep fried, packaged items, you can stop somewhere where they is fresh, whole-food produce too! Just make that conscious decision to stop somewhere that offers more variety! 2) Cook your food! It may seem harder, but trust me its not only cheaper to buy fresh food and cook it, but its also better for you! Plus its fun! Put on your favourite song and love the process! Your body & bank account will thank you!

3) Pack snacks to go

When you cook your food at home, make sure to make extras so that you can pack them to go! While you are walking around being a tourist, or on your way through the airport, you can enjoy a healthy homemade snack! So there will be no need to stop for some pre packaged food!

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