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Glowing Skin Smoothie

Welcome back to another blog post everyone !! By the title of this one I am sure you already know what I will be sharing with you! Yes, a glowing skin smoothie! Now, before I spill the secret recipe on this, I want to chat about why this blend is so special to me! I have struggled with severe acne for a couple years now, it has been quite the journey and experience thus far, but it has only been just recently that I have started the healing process. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me throughout the whole experience because acne is not easy to deal with alone! This leads me into how I got started in holistic living; my health. I am constantly preaching the importance of viewing food as medicine and food as fuel instead of as a "way to survive", it allows you to become more connected to your food on a deeper level than just devouring it and calling it a day. To support my skin and major detox organs, I wanted to feed it things that would make it thrive, which is where this blend comes into play! The ingredients in this smoothie are so so simple, anyone can make it!

1. Pineapple - minimizes skin damage from sun exposure & pollutants 2. Mango - cleanses skin from inside out & cleans pores 3. Banana - repairs damaged, dull skin 4. Oranges - moisturizes skin and slows down production of wrinkles 5. Turmeric - anti-inflammatory & enhances natural glow As you can see this blend is extremely beneficial for your skin!! Plus it tastes like a tropical dream, you really cannot go wrong with this recipe! If you are struggling with your skin or you just want something with added health benefits, this is it! Thank you so much for reading and learning about the healing capabilities of food with me! Stay tuned and subscribe so you can be notified when I post another blog entry! xx Alyssa

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