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Chocolate Nice Cream Bowl: Creamy Vegan Goodness

Do you prefer to drink your smoothie or eat it with a spoon? I am a huge smoothie bowl person, I personally find it enjoyable to create beautiful looking bowls and then diving in with a spoon! I recently made this chocolate nice cream bowl and it was by far the best one yet! I am going to tell you exactly how to make it so you can enjoy it at home!! Ingredients: 1 frozen banana Vanilla almond milk

Cocoa Powder


Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder

Toppings: Peanut butter Coconut flakes Almond crunch Banana Blend all ingredients together until thick and creamy! Pour into your favourite bowl (i use @coconutbowls) and place your toppings on! Enjoy!

Tag me in your creation! @alyssanaylor

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