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Juicing Recipes pt.1

Hello lovely humans! I am so happy to introduce you to something i've become so so passionate about (really, i can't stop). By the title of this blog post, i am sure you already know what we are going to talk about! Yep! JUICING! A little background history on why i got started on this venture is due to my skin. I have struggled a lot with acne the last year, this year with all the added stressors it got a lot worse (2020 really showed up). I decided to work with a holistic nutritionist to help heal my body from the inside out and she was the one who introduced the concept of juicing to me. I started celery juicing every morning on an empty stomach on November 30th, 2020. I have only missed 2 days and today is December 30th. To say it has made a difference isn't enough. I have a lot of healing to do moving forward, but this jumpstarted my love for juicing and all of the healing benefits of it. So i am here to share some of the recipes i have made and come to love! If my healing journey is of any interest to you, comment below! I would love to take you guys along with me! In the meantime.... I hope you enjoy!

First up: Carrot, Pineapple and Oranges. If you like anything tropical, sweet, fruity and hydrating. THIS IS FOR YOU. It made me feel like i was in the Caribbean sipping on a healthy cocktail. Recipe: 1.5 naval oranges - peeled (if there are seeds, remove them) 2 large peeled and cleaned carrots 3 giant chunks of fresh cut pineapple

Place in your juicer and enjoy! Benefits - anti inflammatory, cancer fighting, contains beta-carotene (from the carrots) which is an antioxidant that is great for skin, lung and eye health, packed full of vitamin-C and b-vitamins.

Next: Celery, Cucumber, Mint Leaves This one is perfect to have first thing in the morning for that extra punch of hydration. (although straight celery is better first thing, if you cannot handle the taste this is a great alternative) Recipe: 1/2 cucumber washed and peeled 4-5 fresh mint leaves (washed) 1/3 stalk of celery (scrubbed and washed) Place all in the juicer and enjoy! Benefits- cleansing, detoxifying, hydrating, highly alkalizing, packed with vitamins A & K, source of potassium, gives you a natural mood and energy boost from the antioxidants

Lastly (for now): Orange, Celery, Ginger, Lemon, Turmeric, Pineapple. This juice is easily top 3 for me. If you need a massive health kick, spiced mouth from the ginger this is for you! Super healing juice! Recipe: 2 oranges (peeled and seeded) 4-5 stems of celery (cleaned) 1 lemon (peeled and seeded) Chunk of ginger & turmeric root (peeled) - if you don't have whole turmeric, mix powder in at end and blend 2-3 Chunks of fresh pineapple (peeled and cleaned) Place all in juicer and enjoy! Benefits- extremely healing, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, packed with vitamin C, improves digestion, helps heal acne and common cold/flu symptoms. That's all i have for you today! I really hope this inspires you to start juicing, there are truly so many health benefits to it. It is actually quite therapeutic as well, another great reason to get started! All of the recipes above are for one serving, that is what i like anyways! Feel free to half the serving size or double it! Do what works for you, this is what works for me and my own personal journey. I am not a certified health practitioner or doctor, this is just my own personal path. With this possibly being my last blog post of 2020, I truly wish you all an abundance of love, healing, happiness and light going into 2021 - we all could use it! Thank you for reading! - if you want to check out my nutritionist on instagram her handle is @thehealthfuldrew. Don't forget to tag me @alyssanaylor if you make any of these recipes! xx Alyssa

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