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Morning Rituals - Do you have one?

Good Afternoon readers !! (or morning, depending where you're reading from) I have decided to write to you today about the importance and the benefits of creating your very own morning ritual/routine. I never used to be the person to really "care" about this kind of thing and to be honest I really didn't know what the benefits could be for me if i created one. So here we are! If you are like how i was, this blog post will really benefit you - i hope!

First things first.. i make my bed EVERY DAY. Why? Because it sets me up for a productive day first thing in the morning! If i can make my bed every morning first thing, i know i can accomplish other things! Next up, is my personal development. I set my timer for 30 minutes and i read my book! I am currently reading 'Atomic Habits' by Jamies Clear. I like to sit outside (especially in the summer months) so that my body can get fresh air immediately upon waking up! I make my morning greens drink (check out my other blog post to read what is in that) grab my book and my notebook and fuel my brain right away. Why start your morning looking at your phone and staring at a screen when you can enjoy a good book, grow your knowledge and not strain those eyes. Another thing i do first thing in the morning, once i am finished reading; is journalling! I just started this in August 2020 because i really needed a mindset shift. One of my best friends and business partners suggested i start writing everything down, like my affirmations, gratitudes, goals and a brain dump! The biggest difference i have noticed since starting this is the way i look at my life. I used to see a "failure" as a reflection of who I AM, when in reality it is just something that didn't work out THAT TIME, it has nothing to do with me as a person. Starting your morning off by writing down all the things you are grateful for really opens your eyes to how amazing your life really is, even when you sometimes forget. I know its hard to think you have a tough life when you put it into perspective with someone who struggles to put food on their table, but when you complain about little things such as going to a restaurant in your free time, enjoying a nice meal with friends and family, then you complain your portion size of potatoes is crazy for the price. Little things like that (in every aspect of life), long lines, traffic, dead battery, no cell service, your car is "ugly", things you would consider "first world problems". You begin to become more patient, understanding, kind, respectful and selfless when you begin to express your gratitudes and affirmations daily. Just makes you more aware of what you DO have rather than what you do not. So that is something i highly recommend for everyone to give a try for 30 days! I hope this information helped you want to create a morning routine! If you decide to start journalling in the mornings or evenings please let me know how you like it! I would love to hear! Thanks! xo Alyssa

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