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Oia, Santorini: Greek Islands

Ever since i was able to search on google, it has been a dream of mine to visit Oia in Santorini, Greece ! It has been on my bucket list since i can remember. Anyone else? The blue and white houses, the views, the culture, music, pools, cave villas..EVERYTHING about it stole my heart. I HAD to go there! So i did! I actually celebrated my 23rd birthday there, talk about a dream come true! I am going to share with you some of my favourite places and the beautiful places we stayed at! We arrived in Santorini around 9pm at night, unfortunately it was dark so we couldn't see the beautiful views! We had to wait for the morning! So you bet i got up super early, it was also my birthday the next day so not a second was going to be wasted! We stayed at a lovely house right in the village of Oia, views of the cobblestone streets and from a distance there was the ocean!

https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/21278261?source_impression_id=p3_1595967663_PUi1AQz%2BguKvvxsJ&guests=1&adults=1 Whatever you are expecting of this beautiful city, they will be completely exceeded by a million. At least for me it was! The views, the people, the colours are something even better than out of a magazine! If you are wanting to explore, take pictures without all of the crowds, i for sure recommend you get up a bit early and go do all of that before everyone gets up! Once the crowds start, it is absolute craziness! Shoulder to shoulder, small roads to walk on, so it is definitely worth getting up early!

We were very lucky that the place we stayed at was also owned by the same people who had a boutique hotel with a pool overlooking the ocean! So you bet we made out way there! It was not an easy hike, so hot, up hill and quite the hike! But once we got there, we hopped in the pool and enjoyed the rest of the day!

Now, if you are thinking about travelling around the greek islands, this one is on the pricier end! We loved the first restaurant we went to so we actually ended up going there for lunch and dinner for the 3 days that we were there for. The tzatziki was to die for, service was amazing and the views....well... see for yourself !

All in all, i would 1000% recommend visiting this island in Greece! I will for sure be going back, perhaps in a cave villa next time! I would love to answer any other questions about my trip to Santorini, feel free to follow and message my instagram! Thanks for reading!!

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