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Rainbow Bowl

Hello mind body skin readers! I am so excited to share another delicious recipe with you that i think you are going to LOVE! This smoothie bowl is full of all the things your body needs to feel its best and to fill you up without that bloated feeling! In this photo is Coconut Bowls' pride bundle which gives it an even more tropical vibe! Keep reading to get the full recipe! Maybe you can try it at home yourself!

Rainbow Berry Bowl Ingredients: base: frozen mixed berries - i used about 1.5 cups vanilla almond milk - i used 1/3 cup, you can use more or less depending how thick you want it vegan strawberry protein - i used the brand Arbonne. It is vegan and is made from rice, cranberries and peas! toppings: fresh strawberries & blueberries hemp hearts chia seeds granola Mix your base ingredients in a high speed blender for thicker consistency or a regular blender for thinner consistency. Using frozen fruit is key when making a thick and creamy smoothie bowl. Pour into your bowl of choice and add your toppings!

Enjoy! xx Alyssa

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