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Reece's PB Bowl

Hello beautiful souls!! Welcome back to another blog post - this one is very long overdue! I have been getting a ton of feedback on my favourite bowl to date SO here we are! I know for a fact you will love this one as much as me, so keep reading!

One of my favourite chocolate bars is a reeces peanut butter cup (anyone else?) so I obviously had to recreate it in a smoothie bowl! This recipe is super simple, delicious and contains tons of vitamins, nutrients and protein! Recipe: Base - vanilla protein powder (Arbonne) - fiber boost (Arbonne) - mutivitamin (Arbonne) - cocoa powder - frozen banana - peanut butter (can use almond butter for less fat) - dates - vanilla almond milk Toppings - cocoa powder - keto reeces pb cups - peanut butter - dark chocolate chips - hemp hearts Honestly the best (more nourishing version) of the real chocolate bar! Go make it and be sure to tag me in it on instagram! @alyssanaylor so i can share it! Also be sure to check out @coconutbowls on instagram, as well as their blog for my recipe too! I will post the link below! Thank you so much for reading another blog post of mine and stay tuned for some more DELISH recipes! https://www.coconutbowls.com/blogs/smoothies-breakfast-bowls/reeses-protein-smoothie-bowl ENJOY !! xx Alyssa

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