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Sipping on Peanut Butter & Jelly

Happy December beautiful people!! It is currently December 5th as i am writing this but it may be posted the next few days. Thank you for tuning into another blog post here at mindbodyskin blog! Today, i have something insanely DELICIOUS and made for the person who has a sweet tooth, by now you have seen the title of this post, so keep reading!! DID SOMEONE SAY A PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY SMOOTHIE!? I have made many different recipes before, but this one is probably in my top 3 for sure! I love peanut butter and i love jam, so it was a no brainer to mix them into a shake! Voila! Out came this magical creation, with tons of vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats! What more can you ask for? Recipe: The base - frozen banana - 1tbsp peanut butter - vanilla almond milk - 2 scoops plant based protein - 1 scoop fiber boost The jam - frozen raspberries Defrost a cup of frozen raspberries and let the juices melt a bit. Once it is thawed pour some into the bottom of your cup of choice, blend the base and pour on top of the raspberries, finish with a final layer of the berries and mix around so it spreads throughout. Put your favourite straw in (i use coconut bowls bamboo straws - use code 7EB95647 for $$ off) and voila! Truly tastes like a "healthier" version of a peanut butter and jam sandwich, and look how cute it is! I hope you guys try this recipe, if you do don't forget to tag me on instagram @alyssanaylor so i can repost! ENJOY!! xx Alyssa

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