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Facial Rolling & Gua Sha

Are you someone who struggles with congested skin? acne prone skin? swollen cheeks, jaw, eyes? Well do i ever have an amazing solution for you! Yep..you guessed it, gua sha and facial rolling! Have you ever heard of it? I heard of facial rolling for a while before i actually started implementing it into my daily routine. Why wait so long you ask? Well because i didn't think it would actually make any difference, i thought it was just a sales pitch to sell something "cool"..crazy right? It wasn't until i started using it in my AM and PM routine that i began to see noticeable differences in my skin!

Benefits of Facial Rolling/Gua Sha 1. Improves blood circulation in the face which helps skin feel brighter and firmer 2. Reduces puffiness by activating lymphatic drainage 3. Contributes to your skincare products and pushes it deeper into your skin for more beneficial results 4. Calms redness in pimples 5. Cools and tightens the skin - if you put your rollers in the fridge it leaves a cooling sensation when it makes contact 6. Helps detoxify the body by promoting lymphatic drainage

How To: 1. Apply a facial oil or moisturizer to your skin after cleansing (very important to not do it on dry skin) 2. Using a light pressure move from jawline to cheekbone to ear in an upward motion on both sides, continue this motion for a few minutes, then move up to nose/undereye going up towards the temples, then the eyebrows and forehead. 3. Roll flat over your eyebrows and upwards on your forehead - really soothes a headache especially when the roller is cold 4. Finish going from the jawline below your ear down your neck and really flushing those toxins our through your lymphatic system. 5. Do this anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes - I personally do it for 20! How To Clean Your Rollers: Make sure to clean after each use so there is no build up of product, wipe with a clean towel or wash cloth. Once a week it is good to do a deep clean on the stones, you can use a gentle cleanser on the stone (beneficial using the cleanser you use on your skin so you are already used to it) a calming soap is good too. Dry well so there is no risk in rusting and make sure to store in a place that doesn't catch any dust, bacteria or is safe from being thrown around and getting cracked. I leave mine in a soft jade stone roller bag on my desk.

I hope this blog post helped you and inspired you to try this technique! This will forever be something I do in my morning and nighttime routine! Be sure to tag me on instagram if you ever try it and tell me how you like it! Thanks for reading this and being on this journey with me! xx Alyssa

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