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The Power of Journaling & Affirming

With the days withering by, i think its safe to say 2020 has been nothing short of exhausting..mentally, physically and emotionally. I cant help but think all of you may feel the same way too. This is why i started to journal, practice affirmations and more self love and really understand how i was feeling and how to control it. First thing in the morning i make my hot lemon water, set my timer to go off in 30 minutes and i read, i don't count how many pages or how fast i can go (i'm guilty of previously being that person)...i just dig deep into the words i am reading, understanding them, learning the pages and how i can implement any of it into my personal life. Once the timer goes off.... i journal. A lot of people don't know what to write about, what to say, what to do, how to fill the pages.. so i'm going to tell you, and i promise you its super easy. Are you ready? Three Words. Brain Dump & Affirmations That's it... on that page just write out all the things on your mind, are you stressed? why do you feel that way? what is something you love to do to get your mind off of it? did you have a good day? a bad day? what made it good or bad? what did you have for dinner last night? did it make you feel energized and happy? how did you sleep? is there anything you wish you did more of? why aren't you doing it? is your heart happy or heavy? are you in love with someone and they don't know? why haven't you told them? what do you love, what do you not love and why? ANYTHING. Write it out, get it out of your mind and out of your body and out on paper. The reason this is so powerful is because the energy you are holding onto with all of these thoughts, is not serving you, as soon as you give it the power to be released into the universe, its almost as if you dropped a heavy weight off your shoulders, you can breathe again, life is going to be okay, YOU are going to be okay. Trust me when i say this will change your life, do it everyday whether its how you start your morning, end your night, or both. Just do it, and trust the process. Next up: Affirmations. What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a way of speaking AS IF it has ALREADY happened/you ARE that; about yourself! Here are some examples of some affirmations i do everyday: I am resilient I am worthy I am beautiful inside and out No one can defeat my heart I am the energy people want to be around I live to serve others I am healthy and my body is amazing I am exactly where i am meant to be in life and the universe has my back I am doing my best everyday I can do hard things My possibilities are endless The list goes on..but don't forget to remind yourself how freaking amazing you are and how well you are doing. Give yourself the credit you deserve and don't ever underestimate your power in this world. You were created for a reason, life was meant for you to figure that out, go be your authentically awesome self and never apologize for something that makes you happy. I hope you loved this blog post, this is something i have become so so passionate about, i truly believe what you put into the universe you shall receive. Try doing this for 30 days, and see how you feel about it, share with me how you are liking it so i can continue to cheer you on on your healing journey! You can do hard things. I believe in you. Have a beautiful day xx Alyssa

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