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Vegan Nachos

Welcome back to another one of my blog posts!! I have been pretty MIA on here recently, but I plan to be more consistent! So stay tuned for tons of delicious recipes and juices coming your way soon!! As you can see from the title of this blog post, today i will be talking about some delicious vegan nachos I made! And dang were they ever GOOD! I have been fully vegan for about 4 months now (just by choice). I have struggled with my skin for a few years now and came to the conclusion that dairy was not serving me, in fact, it made my symptoms even worse. With that being said...i've "missed out" on some foods I otherwise could have had! Bringing me to these vegan nachos! So keep reading!

Sidenote: I did not measure anything, i was cooking for two people and just eye balled all of the ingredients. If you do make this just measure accordingly. What you will need: - corn chips (i used grain free nachos) - 1 can black beans - 2 avocados (add lemon, garlic powder, salt & pepper) - 1 bag of vegan ground beef - salsa of choice - Vegan cheese - i used cheddar - Lots of cilantro - Red onions - Jalepenos - optional Cook the vegan beef before hand, while it is cooking start assembling your nachos! Add everything except the salsa, guac and cilantro. Place in the oven at 350 degrees until cheese is melted Take out of the oven when you are happy with it, add the final toppings and ENJOY!

Honestly so so good, i was craving a savoury dinner and this did the trick! Filled me up and it wasn't full of processed junk! Next family night or girls night in, try making these for yourself! xx Alyssa

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