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What Do I Do?: Working From Wifi

Welcome to another blog post!! I am so happy you are loving this page as much as i am loving creating it for you! I have found a new passion for sharing my life with everyone, it has taken me a long time (almost 24 years to be exact) to be completely okay with myself! I wanted to make this blog post to share with you guys about what it is i do for a job, i thought id let you in on the secret of what inspired me to start this and what started my passion for health, wellness, mindfulness and caring for ourselves.

So, before i started working full-time from wifi, i was bartending and serving, sounds super fun right! IT IS! It has its downfalls though, as does every job. I would work 5pm to 3am about 5-6x a week, so it was long, late and you best believe that i was always so so tired, my sleeping schedule was not normal, and i really didn't have any spare time to hangout with friends, or do the things i loved to do. Although the money was amazing (because that is how we make our money is through tips) I was slowly getting burnt out and just wanted more time for me. I have a huge obsession with travelling, i have been to over 21 countries and counting, so its safe to say my hobby is not a cheap one! I needed something that allowed me to go on vacation without the fear of losing my job or getting my hours cut. I also hated the thought of getting penalized for calling in sick! Our mental and physical health is so much more important than any job (in my opinion). So i didn't want to work for someone who made me feel bad for being ill, helping out my family, or wanting to go on vacation for a week. This is where my online business opportunity came into play. My co-worker at the time actually introduced network marketing to me and i had no idea what she was talking about! I had never heard of it, i didn't want to give her the time of day and most of all, i made excuses as to how it "wasn't for me" (even though i had no idea what it consisted of), sound familiar? Maybe you have been asked about it, or your friend does it, or you think only the single stay at home mom does "those things", or maybe you just aren't sure what it really is, like me! Four months goes by and i finally thought what they heck, i may as well entertain this girl and listen to what this is, she seems super happy & successful and thats what i really need right now. So i did, i listened to what she had to offer!

I fell in love with the business model, which was sharing products we love! We do that everyday already so why not leverage that opportunity and make an income when that recommendation turns into a sale?! ITS GENIUS! I jumped all in, i have learned so much about the mind-body-skin connection since joining this company, we are proudly B-certified which means we are held to a very high standard. We balance people and planet and we put those things before profit, which not many companies do! We just celebrated our 40th anniversary so we have proved year after year that we are full of culture, roots and constantly building our community of business partners. The beautiful thing about this business is that you don't have to leave your job to do it, and you don't have to have social media either! All you need to do this business is wifi and skin, so yes, YOU can do this too! What you put in, you get out of it! You choose everything, amount of hours, who you work with etc. If you're looking for a "side gig" or a full time opportunity, give it a fair shot! If you want to have a 1x1 with me and get some more information before you make any decisions, don't hesitate to send me a message! Thank you so much for listening in to what i do! i hope you enjoyed it and maybe NWM can be your thing too! xo, Alyssa

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